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Medical Billing As A Service

M-BAS is all about enabling physician practices to have control over their finances. The aim is to make medical billing a predictable expense just like any other fixed expenses in your practice.


Now, along with your staff's salary or office rent, you will be able to set aside a fixed amount for medical billing as well. 



M-BAS uses historical data to predict your monthly collections and locks your monthly expense even if your collections fluctuates.

Contact us today to see how it works.



With M-BAS, you will not have to wait for the month end in suspence to figure out your Revenue Cycle expences. You can very well predict the cost in advance and manage your budget more effectively. 


Easy Switching

If you would like to switch from conventional billing cycle to M-BAS and vice-versa, you can do so extremely conveniently. So you keep the model that works the best for you.

Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together

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